The definitive list…

Okay, so every so often on Purpleport you get people asking questions in relation to modelling, photography, bookings etc…

No, strike that. You get these questions asked a lot. I mean almost every week. So very simply here is a list of questions (and answers to them) that get asked all the time.

1. Fake tan – hell no.
2. Chaperones – Most say no, few will agree to it. Up to you, but don’t be offended if they say no. It’s the photographers choice.
3. Bad shoot experience? Leave a negative reference.
4. Comms – Keep it on PP, not on Facebook, text, phone call, Whatsapp etc…
5. Lingerie – Matching!
6. Travel expenses? Talk to the photographer.
7. Rates – try a figure, if it doesn’t work, lower or remove them.
8. Thong caught in the heels? Terrible cliché.
9. Tattoos an issue or not? Dunno, ask the photographer you want to work with.
10. FPI*s, you want one – then have a phenomenal photo taken and hope that one of the selectors will see it.
11. FPIs part 2. Your primary goal in life – you are doing it all for the wrong reasons then.
12. Someone being an arse? – Block them.
13. Should you name and shame? – Not if you want to stay on PP.
14. Payed work? – It’s ‘paid’, not ‘payed’.
15. Someone left me a negative feedback – Okay, fair enough. Not a lot we can do about it on the forum! If you have an issue with it, go raise a support ticket!
16. I’ve been blocked, why? – I don’t know, it happens, move on.
17: Tell the truth about your age – Pretty self explanatory!
18: Swap mobiles numbers at least 24 hours before a shoot – emergencies do happen, people get lost, trains are late
19. Y u no reply? – Txt spk m8ks u look thick lol
20. Should I get a boob job? – Up to you.
21. Does my bum look big in this? – You’re asking the wrong people!
22. I have just been offered $10,000 for a 1hr shoot in America. Is this legit? – Hell no.
23. Should I start to model nude? – Up to you, but think of the consequences.
24. TF Shoots, what to expect, and what should I get from it? – Depends what you both agree to beforehand.
25. Why so many naked shots? – Why not?
26. Why are all the castings for nude work? – Why not?
Pubic hair or shaved? – Up to you.
28. Tog – It’s Photographer, not Tog. Get it right.
29. Good shoot, images/payment delivered – Remember to leave the positive feedback.

More will be added as they crop up.

*FPI – Front Page Image. A picture selected by a small number of members of the site that deem the image worthy enough to be placed on the front page for promotional purposes. The result of getting one is a vastly increased amount of views, comments and loves of that image. It dies down after about a day and then it’s business as usual. But some people seem almost hell-bent on getting one.

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