Models – Sophia and Ecce

So in all the years I have done shoots, one area I hadn’t really touched before was a duo girl erotica shoot. Now I know that it’s been done to death by a million other photographers, but when it’s something you yourself haven’t done before, it can be both exciting and scary. And finally I had a chance to give it a go. First I had to find a couple of models.

The first who was up for it was Sophia. She had experience in girl/girl shoots, and was excited to help out, especially since she had mainly done ‘glamour’ style duo shoots and I wanted to make it more dark and erotic instead. Then I struggled a little bit for a couple of days to find a second model. Luckily Ecce was also up for it, despite never having done that sort of shoot before. However they both were roughly the same height (which trust me is very important when doing duo shoots!) and totally comfortable with nude levels.

It was a shoot of two halves. The first couple of hours was just Sophia and myself. She had been away from modelling for about a year for various reasons and was now just getting back into it. So we had a bit of a laugh and did some great images. Then Ecce joined us in the early afternoon, and after some chat we got started.

Straight off the bat I want to thank Sophia for being an utter star. She essentially co-directed the poses with me and helped Ecce get comfortable, guiding her with poses, stances and where to place hands, legs, head and so on. It made my job much easier, and I could concentrate with the lighting, only changing poses slightly when needed.

Towards the end of the shoot it got quite racy! I do believe Ecce and Sophia really clicked and got on very well during the shoot, and the photos I feel clearly shows, with very intimate images showing a love between two women. It’s certainly something I want to do more of, perhaps on location next time…

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