“Do you still shoot girl/girl?”

Charlie Wild and Reii – December 2017

This is the question model Reii asked me a couple of months ago on Facebook.

“From time to time I do, why?” I replied. Some of you will be thinking that I asked a stupid question at this point, but read on!

“I’d like to do one, are you interested?” she replied. Bear with me, I still didn’t ask a stupid question!

“Really??? A long time ago you did one and you said you hated it, and you would never do one again.” Now you see why I asked why!

“Yeah, I didn’t enjoy it but I’d like to try again, see if doing a shoot with you will be better.”

Now there’s a challenge…

You see Reii had done a girl/girl erotica shoot about a year or so ago and since she had not done one before she wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I don’t know the details but she came out of that shoot thinking it wasn’t for her Perhaps it was the rapport with the other girl, direction (or lack of) from the photographer. I don’t know. But when chatting to Reii she made it quite clear back then that she had zero interest in doing another one. So when she asked it did throw me. Normally I am chasing her for shoots, not the other way around! But challenge accepted, and I said I would sort out finding another model. A date was set and off I go.

When doing a girl/girl erotica shoot, you cannot wing it. That straight off the bat is one thing I had to sort out, because winging it is normally how I shoot! But I have done a few of these now and know the requirements. Also it’s the little things you have to take into account too. Little being the operative word. Reii is 4′ 11″. You can’t put her with a model 6ft tall and expect magic to happen because the posing will become a nightmare – unless you restrict yourself to certain setups. So firstly I had to find a model who not only is happy to work to nude, erotica, does girl/girl shoots but is also not too tall.

I found a model who was around 5′ 7″. A fair bit taller but met all the other requirements and also had a great place to shoot at. I have worked with her several times before and at the location so I knew I could work out the height issue with little problems. So ideas were bounced back and forth, introduced Reii to the other model and got chatting.

And then nothing. The other model stopped comms. No warning, no explanation, no reason as to why, but simply stopped responding and refused to reply to any messages, texts, calls or anything.

Now models, if for whatever reason you decide you do not wish to proceed with a shoot, have to common decency to speak openly as to why. Don’t just stop communicating without saying a thing. That’s shameful, disrespectful and unprofessional. That of course applies to anyone in the industry.

Charlie Wild and Reii – December 2017

But this left me with the task with only a couple of weeks to go to find another model who met all the criteria. But boy was I lucky! Charlie Wild, another model I have worked with before (and also on a girl/girl shoot previously) was available, but only for a limited time on the date the shoot was planned for (Reii has a packed diary so moving the shoot wasn’t an option). I’ll take that chance for a couple of reasons:

  1. At 5′ 2″ Charlie is only 3in taller than Reii, which is much preferred!
  2. Reii is fairly inked, and so is Charlie, so that would match better to the look.

The downside was that we lost the location. A good number of weeks of planning and ideas down the pan because we were without a location to shoot. There wasn’t enough time or money to sort out another place to shoot. So a studio shoot it became. But dammit I was gonna make the most of it!

But while planning the shoot, I wanted to move a little away from erotica and try to be a bit more ‘arty’ about it. All the previous ones I have one have been out and out erotica, intimate, sensual, nothing pornographic. But this time I wanted to get some pictures that also might be a bit more fun, or just different to the norm. I hope I managed to convey my intentions in the photos!

Reii and Charlie hit it off straight away, which was a huge relief. When I organise a shoot, I always allow pre-shoot chat time so that I can get to know the model (if I haven’t worked with them before) and get a feel for what they like or not. And I think it’s vitally important to ensure this time is available when doing a duo shoot. Otherwise you are essentially asking two strangers to be up close and personal with each other which is not the best way to go!

The shoot itself was a huge success. There was no moment when the two models felt uncomfortable with each other – in fact it was the other way around and it was like they were the closest of friends! I just wish I had more time to do all the ideas I had. But at least both models are happy to continue with our shoot on a later day.

So that’s about it! Enjoy the photos and watch this space for the second part of the shoot!.

Reii’s portfolio can be found here – Purpleport Portfolio
Charlie Wild’s portfolio can be found here –
Purpleport Portfolio

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