Kelly Hathaway – Our weekend together

Kelly Hathaway, September 2017

Wow, what a weekend!

Kelly is not only a fantastic model, but also a close friend of mine. So to have the opportunity to spend the weekend with her at her place was a no-brainer. I was gonna be there come hell or high water!

For a change we had a bit of a plan, I turn up early Saturday evening, we eat, shoot outside in the dark, back, relax, sleep, then shoot the following day. It didn’t quite go that way though:

8pm – home and food ordered (Chinese – NOM!).
9pm – food arrived.
10.30pm – went out to shoot.
12am – back home and decided to shoot some more.
1.30am – carried on chatting and drinks while watching a film.
2.30am – Kelly got sleepy so she went to bed.
7am – I was awake and prepping.
10am – Kelly awakes.
11am – video shoot.
12.30pm – more food and chat.
2pm – afternoon shoot.
5pm – shoot finished.
5.30pm – 1 hour live broadcast on Instagram.

Kelly Hathaway, September 2017

So as you can see, quite a busy weekend. If there’s one thing we learnt though, is to switch the primary shoot day from the Sunday to the Saturday. Not to maximise shoot time, but simply so we can properly have some fun afterwards with food and drink! Yeah, we are so professional! But I gotta say the photos were simply phenomenal.

And this is the thing I love about working with models who are friends as well. There is a whole different atmosphere during the shoot. In fact it isn’t even a job, it’s friends hanging out who just so happen to also produce photos for the enjoyment of others. What is also nice is that when you have worked a few times with a model who you really click with, it means you don’t have to worry as much about experimenting more with the more crazy ideas.

What is also nice is that the model themselves have a lot more trust in what you are doing when you want to experiment. There’s nothing worse for a model than to work to say concealed nude levels but a photographer to snap (and even worse post) images that show more than the model was happy about. There’s really none of that when working with a model who trusts you entirely and who you get on so well with.

What was a great bonus on the shoot is Kelly’s place. It’s a lovely home, and with lots of space, large windows, good sized bedroom and Kelly isn’t someone who likes lots of stuff in there too, so it was very easy to move stuff around to get the shot needed. I hope to shoot there many more times, I know there is still so much I can do at that place!

So that’s about it! Enjoy the pictures, we very much enjoyed making them!

Kelly’s portfolio for more images and booking can be found here – Kelly Hathaway Portofolio¬†

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