Reii – A little model of pure fun!


Reii – September 2015

A little while ago I got to work with a model who I had been wanting to work with for a while. We had spoken about it on and off on Facebook for a while and eventually we got a date sorted. And you know how some times you meet someone and instantly it’s like you’ve always known each other, and this was just another day of hanging out? Well With Reii that is definitely one of those days!

She is tiny, funny, chatty and has a wicked smile. We just started chatting and chatting and before we knew it, an hour had already passed before I had fired off one single shot. To me that’s a good sign. When I do a shoot it’s not regimental. I don’t like working to a clock. The first part of any shoot for me is to sit down, chill out and have a good natter with a drink and some nibbles. Eventually we got cracking.

I will fully admit that I love the Asian look. I think it’s just such a beautiful look and yet I had very few images in my portfolio so this was something that had to be rectified. Reii also had a fabulous figure that was perfectly proportioned to her height. With the right angles I could make her look tall and slender, a slight shift and she would show off that figure.

Essentially that was it though. Just rattling off photo after photo, while having a fun time about it! I hope you enjoy the photos!

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Reii’s portfolio can be found on Purpleport –

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