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Hello! In a first of I hope many, I invited models and photographers to write up something about their experiences, perhaps advice, funny stories and so on. The first to arrive at Starglider Towers was this from Jenny Bee. I hope you enjoy it!



Jenny Bee

I had my first photo shoot in 2008, I model purely out of enjoyment, and for a confidence boost.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into modelling!
First of all, set yourself limits, know what you want to do and stick with that, never go over your limits to please a photographer, a good photographer will respect your limits. Personally, My limits lie with concealed (you are topless, but never is any nipple shown, you are naked but never any fanny is shown). I will never show nipple or fanny. Just remember once the photographer has any picture, there is no taking it back, especially once it’s exposed to the World Wide Web! And that has no limits!

Secondly, Know what you want to achieve from modelling. If you want a confidence boost, to feel good about yourself and an awesome collection of pictures then model on a TF (time for) basis. This means you exchange your time for the images from the shoot. If you want to be paid you are going to have to put the work in and pull out all the stops to get yourself noticed.

I paid for my first photo shoot so I had a nice collection of images to get a portfolio started. Since then I haven’t paid for one shoot and I’ve got some absolutely stunning images! Made some great friends with photographers! And couldn’t be happier!!

159When booking/arranging a shoot, do the research into the photographer, and read references! Contact models you can see the photographer has previously worked with. When I first started, a photographer contacted me via Purestorm, he had a lot of pictures on his profile, but no references. I was so taken back by his work, I went for the shoot, I was able to take a chaperone, so I thought all would be alright. All was going fine on the shoot, then it came to a set using a chain suspended from the celling, my wrists were tied in front of me and he pulled the chain up so far and fast my boobs were uncovered and he started taking pictures. I said to stop, I felt uncomfortable, and he did eventually when David, my chaperone heard and came back into the studio. I never heard or saw anything from this photographer after this day, phone number disabled and profile shut down.

Believe in yourself and Don’t let the buggers get you down. I have been knocked back by photographers also, been called fat, a “fucking twat” (because he could see my arm in the shot) been told “you have fat thighs, but that’s because you horse ride”.  Sometimes it’s hard being a model, because you can’t see what you’re doing, so what feels right to you, can look completely wrong on the camera, sometimes the most uncomfortable and unnatural poses end up looking the best!

On the positive! I’ve got a small handful of photographers I like to work with, I know them, they know me, we know how each other work, and we work well together, and most importantly, there is trust.  I will continue to work with these guys, as long as I can!

132Having shot in studios, from home and on location, in my personal opinion is there are pros and cons for all! Studios are good because you are covered, you are likely to have access to facilities, lights are usually easier to set up and arrange (so more shooting time!). Down sides are you will sweat under the lighting! But then if you have a wet look shoot inside, it can get chilly! To shoot from your own home is just great, you have access to all your clothes, make up, hair dryer, and facilities! If anything thing goes wrong or not according to plan, it’s so easy to rectify from home! No travelling for the model either!

Location, this is fun, if you’re shooting in a public area people will stare! On the beach, the sea can be cold! And kneeling on stones is a killer! You have to face the elements, sun, wind, rain, hot, cold, and you still have to pull off the perfect poses! If you are successful with your game face,  I think beach shoots are just gorgeous! In the woods, it’s ‘okay‘ (in my opinion!), not my favourite as I’m not at one with nature and spiders!

Bucket list:
As for the future, on my photoshoot bucket list, I would still like to do a swimming pool shoot, a made into a mermaid shoot, a shoot with wings, and would love a shoot photoshopped with a dragon/mythical creatures.

Most important advice:
Believe in yourself and be comfortable and happy with what you are doing!

Jenny Bee primarily resides on the portfolio hosting site Purpleport. Her full portfolio can be found here:

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