An experiment in slow-motion… on a budget

Hello! So the other day I made a video short. It’s nothing spectacular but it was a relatively successful experiment on how to do slow motion video.

Now I’m a fairly poor man, and the cost of cameras that do slow motion decently aren’t cheap, but I then heard of a plugin for Premiere Pro called Twixtor which apparently is good at slowing down videos in general.

So I got a willing victim, my model friend Marilyn to do some general movements and looks during a shoot and filmed it. Now it was a rush job. I didn’t use a tripod or really be that careful on holding the camera still (and boy, does it show on the raw footage!), but I filmed enough that I could piece together little snippets of video together. Most of what you see here has been slowed from its original 50fps down to about 10-15% of that speed.

The rendering times increase greatly obviously as Twixtor then has to render hundreds of brand new frames of video. But I think the result came out pretty well! I will try some more soon but outside… with a tripod!

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