Emmarald – a classic beauty


Emmarald – Sept 2015

Models have varying degrees of experience and enthusiasm, and that shows in little ways. Care for the clothing they bring, punctuality, ability (that’s a big area) and so on. Well with Emmarald she is clearly someone who has put a lot of effort into her modelling, and clearly strives to do her best. The first sign was punctuality. At roughly 11am I got a call (yes a call – she actually calls as opposed to texting. That’s a bonus!) keeping me informed that she was on her way and would be at the meeting point at 11.45am. And then at 11.45am I get a call. “I’ve arrived!”. I’m not even joking. It was bang on 11.45.

Next was her preparation. She had arrived with a range of outfits, all wildly different, but also well looked after. Carefully packed to reduce any creases and clearly she had put a lot of thought into what she wanted to get out of the shoot. Usually for me I wing it and most models don’t have a plan so for this to happen was a refreshing change!

Hair and make-up wise, she was meticulous. Emmarald clearly knew what worked best and had a look that I can only call a ‘classic beauty’. Once prepared she reminded me of the actresses and models of the 40s. And I loved her for giving me that look!

So we got cracking. For me I knew that she had worked with some really awesome photographers and I personally knew that I wasn’t going to match the skills of them so for me this shoot was a chance to push myself a little more looks wise. I also wanted to get outside a little as the weather was okay and I hadn’t had much of a chance up until then due to rain. We quite literally zoomed through sets and in about an hour and a half we had got through about 8 different sets.

Emmarald loved the shoot in the end, which made me happy. She was also extremely enthusiastic about the results and that for me is a huge compliment. Another way I judge the success of a shoot is on how many edits I can get from the day. I aim for 10 for a good shoot, I got 20 in no time from this one. So you can imagine how happy I was about that too!

383 363 296 193 139 105 054

Emmarald’s full portfolio can be found on Purpleport – http://purpleport.com/portfolio/emmarald/


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