Nina Swan

Nina Swan – August 2015

Good day to you folks! Well today I had the pleasure of finally working with Nina Swan, an old friend and model, who had been out of the modelling game for two years. Recently however she had been feeling the urge to get back into it again, and once she got in touch with me it was clear that a shoot was on the cards!

Understandably she was a bit nervous when she popped over to my home so we sat out in the sun and chatted for a good hour. We could’ve chatted for a lot longer but there is only so much time in the world and it was a lovely day. Proper sunny and very little wind. If I was going to make the most of it we would need to get started pronto as it’s quite easy for us to lose track of time and not get anything done.

So the plan was to do some fashion and perhaps some lingerie. Since it had been two years since her last shoot, the confidence to do the levels she used to work at was a bit daunting, so I was happy to work at her pace.

However about a minute before we started, she said ‘fuck it, let’s do nude’ and before I knew it she had stripped down to nothing and was pretty much ready to go.

This is why I love her!

Very quickly she got her groove again, and was posing away. We did have to break a little more than usual because (surprisingly to many) modelling can be hard work. The bizarre poses that are required to make the image work does really put a strain on anyone who is not used to it. But she soldiered on! After all the studio related stuff was done, we headed off to my towns main public park for a little location work.

Now I do have a day job, and sometimes I work in other locations when needed. When I do, I like to walk back home (which can be several miles), and when I do I sometimes take vast detours to explore areas of my town that I’ve never been to before. And last week I hit the far end of the park. It’s massive there and I had never actually explored all of it before. While I was walking along a path under some trees I suddenly came across a big field full of long grass. It was perfect for a shoot!

So lo and behold, that’s where Nina and I ended up. Not long, but we rattled off a few shots there. It looked fantastic.

So there you have it, Nina’s back in action and I got some wonderful images!

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