Irina, August 2018

Last year I worked with a model who exclusively only models fashion. Now for me that is a little bit of a challenge as I usually shoot a whole range of levels and the thought of having just one level to work with was quite intriguing, and wondered how many setups I could do.

Well firstly Irina is a devastatingly beautiful woman, so that helps a lot. And she has the most amazing collection of outfits too. Not that I wasn’t prepared either. I do like to throw in some designs that I come up with at the time. As I have said before some of my best work comes from when I wing it. I usually ask a model to show me what they have brought with them (which sometimes can take a while – you should see the size of the suitcases for some of them!), and then in a matter of a few seconds I have setups in my head that I would like to try out.

It does help a lot too when a model knows what poses works for her best. Because of that she required very little directing from me, which of course makes me job even easier. We shot twice last year and I am incredibly proud of the images we created over those two shots. There isn’t too much more to say about the shoot other than I hope we work together again this year!