Oo-er! Bit raunchy innit???


Kelly and Serenity, October 2016.

So one area of photography that I have had very little experience in is erotica. There’s no particular reason why but I think it was because for the longest time I was quite comfortable in my little home studio, but at the same time I knew that it would be useless for any form of erotica photography. I know, I tried it once and although the images were ‘good’, it felt wrong being in such a clinical place as a studio. Well that changed more recently when I found a lovely little location just outside of town, know to many of us in the circles I frequent as ‘Tims Cottage’.

It’s a tiny little place, but if you know how to maximise the little areas that are available you can get a lot out of it. So the location was sorted, now it was down to the models. I had done an erotica shoot there previous to this one, but it was a little ‘softer’ than I wanted. The images were great, but I knew I could do more. Funnily enough the model who got the ball rolling was a lovely girl called Kelly (Link to her portfolio below). She was the one who first suggested getting a girl/girl erotica shoot done. She had not done one before and was really interested what she could do. And she is very comfortable, confident and happy to try out most things!

The second model proved to be a little tricky. At first Kelly had a person in mind, who was more than happy to get involved. But about three days before the shoot the other model had to pull out. Sometimes these things happen and you just have to work quickly to fix the issue.

Then at the last minute Serenity stepped up to the plate. She too was more than happy with what was required, and had a little experience in it – although in her words “…none of the previous ones I ever did was this technical and posed so precisely!”. I’ll take that as a compliment!

So the plan was to really get quite erotic. Not pornographic – I didn’t want anything too visible – but the implication of passionate intimate moments between two lovers. And I think we nailed it. Even though the two girls had not met each other before, they got on like a house on fire. And were perfectly comfortable just trying things out and talking about ideas they had too.

All in all, it was a huge success. I was so happy with how the images came out! Kelly too really got a lot out of it, even mentioning that she got many more bookings purely off the back of this shoot (That goes to show that collaboration shoots can be a great benefit to models when done well!). Serenity too was extremely happy and immediately got back to me to work together again. So result for me too!

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