I’m not doing that again!!!

Hello! It has been a while since I have written anything. I have been just so busy with the day job and shoots and finally the video idea that had been running around in my head for ages!

On the back of the dance video I had made with Sophia West many months ago I had wanted to do another, and while mentioning this to the fantastic model Anna Rose, I stupidly said “It would be great to do a dance video but all in one take!”.

She loved the idea and that was it, I had to do it. She would freestyle the dance and I would record it.

Now it was also a bit of an experiment for me too, as I have wanted to get a budget steadicam setup for future works and you kinda have to have one for a one take dance video! I will fully admit that the result is not 100% perfect – I did do many things wrong. Some of it I could cover up in post, the others only I will ever see and agonise about! But for your viewing pleasure, here is the dance video that we made!

Anna Rose – Freestyle (Explicit Lyrics)

But I’ll say one thing… 15 takes later and a dying model and photographer from all the hard work, I’m not doing that again!

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