Odette – The Greek Goddess


Odette Flaur – December 2015

Every so often you meet a model and think ‘Where have you been hiding???’, and Odette was one of those times. It’s not even that she’s a new model or not active – she’s all of those things – but when she contacted me to do a shoot I immediately thought of that phrase.

Born and raised in Greece, modelling wasn’t her first job. She was a professional tennis player, and up until a couple of years ago was travelling to other countries to play tennis. But then she got a modelling contract and hasn’t looked back. And boy am I glad she hasn’t. For one she lives relatively locally to me now, and secondly she is stunning. I mean it. She has not only a wonderful personality, but simply one of the best figures for nude work I have seen. I could do a shoot with her every week and not get bored!

Well anyway, she came, we chatted, and got the first bit out of the way. That was the main shoot.

Then we got to the part that we really wanted to try. Body painting. I had been wanting to do a metallic statue kind of shoot for a long time and had planned to do this shoot with another model a couple of months before. For a variety of reasons that fell through but I still had all the bits and was holding out for a model who I felt fit the look for it. Odette was that model.

Now straight away, when you get a lot of this body painting gear, there is pretty much no manual anywhere that just lays it out straight. How the hell do you use this stuff? You see, it doesn’t come as a paint, but as a metallic powder, which you then mix with a mixing liquid before painting. But how much do you use. It only comes in a little 1oz container. It’s tiny! And the mixing liquid only comes in a 4.5f oz bottle. How the hell does that little amount cover an entire human.

Well it does. Jeez I only used half of it. It would seem that a little does indeed go a long way. With just a basic soft brush (I used a one inch wide one from a local paint supplies shop), you can easily cover someone with half of the amount you get. However I did read not to use the mix on the face and to only use the powder directly to cover that area. Handy tip! But the powder does get everywhere if you’re not careful.

It worked like a charm, she looked fabulous as a statue!

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More of Odette can be seen on her portfolio located on Purpleport – http://purpleport.com/portfolio/giuliettarossini/

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