My first video short…

…that isn’t a joke thing or pissing around! A proper little video!

This video features the awesome talents of Sophia West, a professional dancer, who leapt at the chance to make a dance video short!

Okay, so for a first attempt I am well pleased with it. But there were a couple of things I learnt!

  1. Video recording eats battery life! I am just a simple hobbyist, and never got a spare battery for my camera as the one always lasted easily long enough for my shoots before. But an hour and a half in, the battery low indicator was flashing. I had booked the studio for three hours!
  2. You gotta be good with audio editing! I used a dolly for tracking shots, and when I played back the video for the non-music parts, the camera had picked up a lot of noise while it rolled around!


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